Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Mother Day!

Celebrated Mother Day at Danga Bay!

This is also the Very 1st Mother's Day Celebration
with my little sumo-Lude!

为何没有向妈妈说“Happy Mother Day?"
Am so surprised that he said that immediately!
:D And I told him he should said "I love you too!"
佳诺对妈妈说 “Happy Mother Day & I Love You!'

After the dinner, We celebrated our little boy
(Dylan-the green T-shirt shy boy :) )birthday
Bought a gift for him....around Rm100! :D
Glad he loves it! He said he likes it so much....
Mr. Robin, you got it!
My god...I have two boys!

Yeah....a fun evening...we rented a bicycle's
cart ??? Hehe...
There are still more to see and play at Danga Bay....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eczema - flare up again!

Jia Nuo's eczema back again!

Yet mummy can't trace the

reason behind it!


Pray again...:(

Jia Nuo's New Pet

A gift from Daddy Robin ;)

Wow - mummy thinks that is an
expensive Pet!

Forgotten the exact cost -
think should be around S$16-18!

It's just a BALLOON!

But its really catch the eyes of people
passing by...


Sunday, April 12, 2009

I love Mummy & Singapore Zoo

‘I Love Mummy' 哦!

以前,小佳诺都是说 'I love You'....

Singapore Zoo Trip
Wed, Public Holiday in JB.

Sunny Day. Slept at 6.30am as I have
to clear all my back log and at the same time
cleared up the whole mess in the room ... ;)

Knew that Erene is on leave today. Thought that
she is going to Sentosa as planned. Thus I decided
to continue my 'back log' then....

Anyway,we still proceed with the ZOO at the end...
;) cos' Erene called to said 'OK - Zoo!"

On the way, Little Jia nuo kept saying :
"going to singapore Zoo"...we reached around 12pm.

For more picture, go to

Thursday, March 19, 2009

CNY 2009 - 3rd Day & 4th Day

Feeling Today :

Busy Busy Busy much thing to clear, to do, to work, to settle, to....!!!!!!!

Okay, update on the CNY 2009...

年初三 - 很多年没见我的姑姑了。。should
have at least 5-6 years!
Yes...we picked up them at the JB Taxi
station and we went to Potian...and we have
our LATE lunch at one of the resturant in Kukup.

Surprised my aunt is in Malaysia??
Well, is a long story...anyway I know that she
just couldn't travel out to Singapore.
Reason - well, heard that she lost all her identity
when she married to her husband in Malaysia.
So, every year we will make an effort to go into
Malaysia to look for her.
说真的, 其实我满佩服我老爸!
He will definitely go to his youngest Sister's hse
and gave her one 'big' Angbao and the kids in
Singapore every year.
And i will be the one to drive him there!
Hm...this is secret between us! :D
20/03/2009 - 心情 :
对不起.... 妈妈竟然没把你的歪颈项放在心上.
好人有好报...;) 会好的!
很疼? 你每一次都会哇哇大叫!
还是你就是不喜欢? 觉得妈妈在欺负你?
啊! 小可怜....妈妈爱你哦!
啊! 谁叫你和你那肥仔爸爸一样!
颈项那么短! 很难看得清楚.....
佳诺对那表弟的 superman 情有独钟...

初三回来, 看我的小肥肥睡得多甜...

Visit to Alvin's mum...
And night time we have our so called
'reunion' dinner with Robin's 2nd sister

Well, these dinner pictures were all taken by
our little prince - Arnuo kuok!